Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Inspector Jippie

The amazing Inspector Jippie was munching on grass as he enjoyed the sun of a carefree morning. 

"Nom, nom, nom," he went.

A sudden loud bang alerted him, and so Inspector Jippie stopped his chewing abruptly. 

 He adjusted his ears to a perfect angle for effective hearing. What was that? He thought to himself.

After careful and smart planning, Inspector Jippie decided to check out what made that sound. He hopped cautiously towards the source of the sound.

"Inspector Jippie!"immediately came a voice of relief. It was Dutchie.

"What happened, Mr Dutchie?"asked Inspector Jippie as he straightened himself.

"The broom! It suddenly fell down!"explained Dutchie.

"Hmm..."said Inspector Jippie with a thoughtful look. The sound I am looking for may be caused by this broom... He had his eyebrows locked in a serious manner.

"I will inspect this case!"Inspector Jippie said confidently.

"Thank you, Inspector Jippie!"said Dutchie happily as he gave him a pat on the back, but he looked a little tensed.

Inspector Jippie ignored his weird expression. Dutchie might be too nervous. He thought.

Inspector Jippie walked towards the broom, with Dutchie following close by. 

He twitched his nose quickly to find traces of scents that may help him solve this mysterious case.

"What do you think, Inspector Jippie?"asked a nervous Dutchie.

"I think I know why the broom fell down and made that horrible, loud banging sound!"said Inspector Jippie, with his eyes sparkling victoriously. 

"None a case that can't be solved by the amazing Inspector Jippie!"

So, what made the broom fell? Or WHO?

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