Sunday, 5 January 2014

Naners and Berries

The sweet scent of fruits diffused throughout the kitchen as the hoomans prepared fruits for their juice. They, of course, prepared a small amount for the two royal bunnies too.

The fruit particles were detected by the relaxing Dutchie within seconds. Dutchie dilated his nostrils to make out what the fruits were.

"Hmm... There are bananas..."thought Dutchie, twitching his nose. "There are berries too... Strawberries? Raspberries? Oh, they are blueberries!"

And so, Dutchie stood up from his royal resting place and bonked the hoomans' legs with his bunny nose.

"Jippie and I request the bananas and blueberries!"commanded Dutchie.

The hooman gave him a quick pet on the head and nodded.

Dutchie was very satisfied at how fast the hoomans reacted this time. Then, he hopped away to tell Jippie, who seemed to have not yet detected the fruit particles, the good news.

"Jippie! Jippppieeee!"said Dutchie loudly in a very high-pitched voice.

"What? Eeesh! Your voice is too sharp, Dutchie!"said Jippie, jumping away and using his paws to block his ears.

"Oops, sorry, Jippie, I am too excited!"said Dutchie, backing a bit.
"What is it, Dutchie?"asked Jippie, listening tentatively with all ears standing up now.

"The hoomans got fruits! I've already tell them to give us some,"said Dutchie.
"YAY!"Jippie's mouth became the shape of a lying-down '3'

Dutchie hopped away after informing Jippie. He went to urge the hoomans by circling around their feet and standing up continuously. "Faster! You are all so slow!"chanted Dutchie.

Jippie helped Dutchie by bonking and biting the puppy pens violently.

"Hurry up, slow hoomans!"yelled Jippie.