Saturday, 16 August 2014

9 Types of Foods You Should NEVER Give Your Bunny

1. NO Starchy or Non-leafy vegetables
  • Examples of starchy vegetables: potato, sweet potato.
  • Examples of non-leafy vegetables: eggplant, okra.
  • Why can't bunnies eat starchy/non-leafy vegetables?
    • Bunnies cannot digest starch well.
    • As far as I have researched, non-leafy vegetables aren't on the 'safe' list. As bunnies have delicate digestive system, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

2. NO Carbohydrate foods
  • Examples: bread, rice, cereal.
  • Why can't bunnies eat carbohydrate foods?
    • These foods causes bloating in the bunny. This is painful for the bunny and could lead to further problems such as GI stasis, a disease in which a bunny's gut slows down or stops completely. GI stasis can be fatal within days.

3. NO Peas/Beans/Nuts/Seeds
  • Examples of beans and peas: long bean, string bean, green peas.
  • Examples of nuts and seeds: peanuts, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts.
  • Why can't bunnies eat peas/beans/nuts/seeds?
    • These foods causes bloating in the bunny. This is painful for the bunny and could lead to further problems such as GI stasis.

4. NO Human treats/desserts/drinks
  • Examples of treats/desserts: ice-cream, cookies, cake, chips.
  • Examples of drinks: coffee, soya milk, coke.
  • Why can't bunnies eat these human foods?
    • Ice-cream and chips contains flavouring and preservatives and are high in sugar. The former two factors are likely to cause digestive system upset, the latter cultivates an environment in the bunny's gut that is suitable for harmful bacteria growth.
    • Cookies and cakes contains other ingredients (eg: eggs, butter) which bunnies cannot digest.
    • Drinks consumed by humans (except for fresh fruit juice and water) are not safe for bunnies because they are either high in sugar or that they contain substances which bunnies cannot digest.

5. NO Chocolate
  • Why can't bunnies eat chocolate?
    • Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which is fatally dangerous to dogs, cats, and of course, bunnies too. Animals cannot metabolize theobromine as well as humans.

6. NO Meat
  • Why can't bunnies eat meat?
    • Bunnies are herbivores. They are 100% vegans. Strictly NO meat, fish or any animals and/or insects!

7. NO Certain types of fruits
  • Examples: durian, rambutan, mangosteen.
  • Why can't bunnies eat these fruits?
    • These fruits are not on the 'safe' list as far as I have researched. It can be tempting to give your bunny a taste of these fruits if you live in tropical countries like me, but please - DON'T. Bunnies have delicate digestive systems.

8. NO onions/garlic/ginger
  • Examples: chive, leek, shallot.
  • Why can't bunnies eat onions/garlic ginger?
    • It has been known that these foods may cause: abnormal breakdown of red blood cells and possibly fatal allergic reactions in many animals.
    • Onions have also been known to suppress a bunny's immune system.

9. NO Cooked food.
  • Why can't bunnies eat cooked food?
    • Even if the food you cooked is 100% vegan and does not contain any seasoning, please DO NOT give them to your bunny. It isn't natural for their sensitive digestive systems.

Your bunny might show enthusiasm towards the above types of foods, and would probably gladly eat them if he/she gets the chance, especially carbohydrate ones.

It will be your responsibility as the owner to keep these foods out of reach, and always - no matter how they unleash their cuteness - DO NOT ever give in!

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