Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Food Hunt

The Food Hunt is an activity where the bunny has to find hidden treats. This is good stimulation for your bunny's senses (especially that cute, twitching nose!) and encourages foraging.

What you need: 
  • Treats which are dry
  • Note: Since I do not purchase commercial rabbit treats for my bunnies, I use pieces of carrots instead.

  1. Get the treats ready! (As a reminder, a bunny should only have a teaspoon of fruits/treats a day.)

  2. Hide the treats in reasonably challenging places.

    "Ooh, the carrots are on the box."
  3. If your bunny appears to require hints, guide him/her by directing his attention to the correct hiding spot, eg: by snapping your fingers.

    "In my food bowl, hoomin?"
  4. Remember to check that all treats have been eaten and not left in their hiding spots.

Try to change the hiding spots every few days. Being the smart and intelligent creatures they are, bunnies memorise all the same ones very quickly - and predictability wouldn't be as engaging or fun!

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