Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Importance of Praise and Encouragement

1. Forges a good relationship between you and your bunny
  • Bunnies learn good habits by being praised for doing things right, NOT by being punished for doing wrong. 
  • Constantly dropping comments like: "You're a naughty, bad rabbit!" achieves nothing, and would only result in the bunny seeing you as a human who dislikes him/her.

    Look at the sparkle in those eyes - bunnies are intelligent creatures

2. A source of comfort and support when your bunny is sick
  • Lots of praise and encouragement can help raise our bunny's spirits. Don't hesitate to shower your bunny with compliments when he/she is considering to pick up a strand of hay or drink water.
  • You'd be surprised, but keeping up with positive messages for your bunny would give you a boost as well - and as you're the caretaker, it is essential to maintain your composure.

    Dutchie enjoying a head scratch

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