Wednesday, 5 August 2015

6 Possible Garden and Outdoor Hazards To Your Bunny

1. Pesticides and chemical fertilisers
  • If you have a bunny at home, it is unadvisable to use these substances on your plants. For instance, your bunny's paws could come into contact with the dissolved fertilisers in water drained from your potted plants.

2. Wild mushrooms, particularly strange-looking weeds, and litter
  • If you spot any of these items on your lawn, remove them immediately.

    Wild mushrooms - these tend to pop up during damp and humid times of the year.
3. Gardening tools
  • Keep gardening tools, especially those with sharp and pointy ends, out of your bunny's reach. Some bunnies might have the tendency to chin these objects.

4. Compost
  • Those who do trench composting - where a hole is dug in the ground, and kitchen scraps are placed into it and covered with soil - be careful not to let your bunny have access to that area. He/she might try to dig out the various rotting vegetables, banana skin, etc underneath!

5. Potential predators
  • You MUST supervise your bunny at all times when he/she is outdoors. Leaving your bunny alone for even a mere 5 minutes could result in an accidental escape.
  • Keep an eye out for eagles circling above your home as well as feral cats.

6. Poisonous plants
  • Check that the plants in your home are not poisonous. Here is a list from the House Rabbit Society's website: Poisonous Plants
First published on 02/01/2012

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