Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Daily Observation

Bunnies exhibit subtle symptoms when they are ill. As their caretakers, it is important for us to notice these signs quickly - this is an ability you will come to possess over time through daily interactions with your bunny.

A quick list to check if your bunny is healthy: 
  • eats food, especially hay, as usual
  • produces poop throughout the day
  • mostly active - instantly perks up when you bring him/her a treat
  • carries out all bunny activities (eg: grooming) normally
Alerting symptoms: 
  • eats significantly less hay
  • does not show interest in favourite foods (eg: vegetables, fruits)
  • produces small-sized, abnormal poop OR none at all
  • rests in same position and location without moving much 
  • lethargic, sluggish movements

It is not uncommon for bunnies to have mild digestive ailments every now and then. From personal experience, this is often the cause of why a bunny "doesn't seem him/herself" on a certain day.

In these cases, high-fibre hay is always the #1 solution.

To encourage hay consumption:
  • Hand-feeding
    • Pick a fresh strand of hay from the package and wiggle it in front of your bunny's mouth to entice him/her to eat it.
  • Increase water intake
    • I have found that giving 1/8 to 1/4 cup of diluted tomato juice helps. Just one 1/8 cup, though!
    • Note: The tomato juice must be freshly made. Use a juicer. DO NOT purchase bottles or cartons of pre-packaged juice from the store.
  • Accompany your bunny more often
    • Have you been giving your bunny less attention lately? A good dose of praises and pets can do wonders!

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