Friday, 10 February 2017

“HELP! My rabbit ate something he/she shouldn't?!"

“HELP! My rabbit ate something he/she shouldn't?! Will he/she be okay?"

As long as your rabbit is eating hay, pooping normally, and doing all his/her bunny activities (eg: grooming) as usual, your rabbit will be fine. Simply continue to observe. To ensure that your rabbit's gut moves smoothly, encourage hay consumption by offering fresh handfuls throughout the day.

It's really very common for our rabbits to nibble on something random they have found, even if we have been careful. Once, our rabbit J managed to stumble upon several grains of rice in the kitchen, and another time, D came across a tiny piece of crisp in the living room.

I panicked, honestly thinking they were going to shut down in a few hours like a hacked computer because rabbits-are-such-fragile-animals-but-now-they-ate-something-they-should-not-I'm-seriously-doomed -

But they were perfectly fine. I don't take any of this for granted, of course. We should still take all necessary precautions to keep unsuitable food out of our rabbit's reach and bunny-proof our homes the best we can. :)

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