Monday, 13 March 2017

Are Rabbits Easy Pets For Kids?

Rabbits may seem quiet and mellow, but the fact is actual rabbits rarely conform to the sweet, cuddly stereotype depicted in children's stories.

Not made for cuddling
It is understandable that most children yearn for an animal they can cuddle and hold in their arms, however most rabbits don't like being picked up and cuddled at random. They often feel frightened, and tend to kick and struggle furiously to escape. Rabbits are physically delicate animals. A rabbit doesn't leap off a person's arms and land gracefully like a cat - a rabbit could suffer fatal spinal injuries from the impact of a fall.

The realities that comes with having a rabbit at home:
  • There's the poop.
    Rabbits poop a whole lot more than you can imagine. (I wanted to attach a picture here, but it's really disconcerting if you're coincidentally eating chocolate cereal while reading this.)
  • There's the fur.A rabbit goes through a heavy shedding or molting period at least once a year. It is common for one's hands to accumulate balls of cotton-like fur after petting the rabbit.
  • And ... there's the money.
    A rabbit is not a cheap, low-maintenance pet. For one, hay isn't cheap stuff, even though they're practically dried plants. Many are also taken aback by the vet bills incurred when the rabbit falls ill.

The rabbit should be your (the adult's) responsibility!
I had been taking care of animals ever since I was a child. Hence speaking from personal experience and contrary to what other websites may advise you, I do believe that kids have the ability to take care of an animal - but if, and ONLY IF, you are the mentor who is willing to guide and teach them. 

Sometimes I see that kids really want to do things right, but sadly, they are met with indifference from their parents.

The adults have "much more important things" to do when the child requires assistance and advice on how to take care of the pet.

The adults tells the child to "use your own money" when the rabbit falls ill.

Where is the logic in this?

Are Rabbits Easy Pets For Kids? 
An animal bought from the pet shop without ready commitment adds to a family's stress. Sure it's fun shopping around for supplies, picking out a nice bowl, watching the animal munching on the new food you bought, no doubt about that ... but how long will it last?

More often than not, the animal becomes an inevitable victim of neglect and abandonment.
'Rabbits are the most abused domestic pet in England and Wales, with 35,000 abandoned every year, says the RSPCA' - BBC news
'"Rabbits are the third-most purchased pet in the country and also the most-dumped animals in countries," said Maria L. Perez, founder of the nonprofit rabbit rescue group Las Vegas House Rabbit Society.  
Since the chapter started, Perez estimates it has spent $700,000 on medical expenses for rabbits' - Lopez, S 2016, Rescuers say rabbits are being dumped in abundance across Las Vegas Valley, Las Vegas Review Journal.
Coming back to the question of whether a rabbit is "easy" for a child to take care of ...

No, they are most certainly not easy, "starter" pets for kids. 

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